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Best Business Decisions from New Braunfels Wedding Planner


Hey, Friends!

Welcome to our first educational vlog aimed to support and educate creative business owners, mompreneurs, and #girlbosses….specifically florists and wedding planners. So many creatives do not have a business background and many of us are throwing things against a wall to see if they will stick….that is not a great business model, BTW. That is where Behind the Business comes in. It is my goal to deliver helpful information to assist you in growing your creative empire (or even a side-hustle) and making the best business decisions. Before getting started today, you are going to want to get the FREE Opportunity Cost Calculator here.

And here is the video to explain it all:

Now on to the video. Click the image above to follow along with us after downloading the spreadsheet. 

  • Why do I need to download the Opportunity Cost Spreadsheet?
    • It will help you calculate business decisions to decide what is right for you. For example, a magazine calls you and asks if you would like to place an Ad in their magazine. You can add in the price of this expense to see how many more clients you would need to book to turn a profit.
      • Other specifics you would want to consider when making a business decision:
        • Does this marketer focus on your ideal client?
        • Can you financially afford that commitment and cash flow your business?
        • Do you want to add that many more clients to your workflow?
    • Know how many more clients you will need to book to profit from that expense
    • Analyze how what your expenses are and where your money is going
    • Visually and mathematically see ho much profit you are making
  • How to get started?
    • Click the download button below.
    • Make a copy of the Opportunity Cost Spreadsheet to save to your Google Drive or Desktop
    • Fill in your expenses in the blue cells. You may also change the names of the expenses.
    • Fill in your Price of product/service and the number of clients you expect or would like to book.
    • Let the spreadsheet do the math for you.
  • Other alternations to the spreadsheet to help you make the best business decisions:
    • Adding more expenses
      • Be sure to book your complimentary one-on-one with me to adjust this to your specific needs.
    • Changing your product price will change the amount of profit you make per client and overall.
    • Changing the number of clients you book every year change your profit and your expenses paid per client.
    • Changing the percentage of money paid for that expense will increase the expenses paid per client and decrease your profit. However, you will

Other factors to consider when making a business decision:

    • Will that expense (i.e. the ad in the bridal magazine from our video example) help you reach your desired clientele?
    • What is your desired profit each year?

Thank you for joining us for our first educational Vlog! Join us next week as we dive deeper into expenses, what they are and how you can minimize your expenses. For now, hope over to the blog to get inspired! 


With Love,

Kelsea Vaughan




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