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Creating a Corporate Eventing Planning Company It is the final episode of 2020. What a year it has been. Who is ready for 2021??? Me! lol If you are ready to start new or maybe diversify your portfolio, corporate events could be a great place to start. While in-person events are harder to do these […]

Creating a Corporate Event Planning Company with RAC Events and Design

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3 Planning Tips from 2020 It has been a year, to say the least. Between the pandemic, shutdowns, and being pregnant we have definitely had to stay on our toes. We have had to help brides and families make hard decisions and move our schedules around way more than anyone would like to. Through all […]

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Welcome back, friends! It is time for the last part of our Planning for Maternity Leave series. Before reading/watching part 3, I highly recommend watching part 1 and part 2 first as it gives you a great overview of what to do and what to expect with your company and your team. The content is […]

Planning for Maternity Leave Part 3

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It is time for part 2 of our Planning for Maternity Leave series. Cheyanne and I are both officially on maternity and excited about the new bundles of joy in our lives. Before reading part 2, I highly recommend watching part 1 first as it gives you a great overview of what to do and […]

How to prepare your team and employees for your maternity leave. Planning for maternity leave part 2 with Behind the Business and Touch of Whimsy

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Hey friends! Welcome back to another episode of Behind the Business with Touch of Whimsy. I am 20 days from my official due date and even fewer days from my scheduled c-section. (I could have possibly had our baby by now but I am prepping all this content in advance — hello this is a […]

Planning for Maternity Leave with Kelsea Vaughan of Touch of Whimsy and Behind the Business

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Wow…What a year it has been so far. Dare I say exciting or traumatizing? It really depends on your outlook. For our family, it has been a year of change and learning how to slow down – Thank you quarantine. Granted, we still have 3 months left before the end of 2020. Many people I […]

Finding a new you before the new year

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Today we have a very special guest on Behind the Business. Please help me welcome Mrs. Anna Wright with Anna Kay Photography in San Antonio, Texas. She is such a sweet soul, thriving mom-boss, and she is mastering me time with 3 adorable kiddos. Did I mention she is a military wife too? There is […]

Mastering Me Time and Goodbye to Mom Guilt with Touch of Whimsy's Behind the Business and Anna Kay Photography

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Welcome back to Behind the Business! Last week we discussed the Best Paid Marketing Strategies for your business. This week join us as we discuss what life in the real world and how to find your way in the world. There are young college students around the country asking, “Now what?” I remember, not too […]

How to find your way in the real world

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Hey y’all and WELCOME to another episode of Behind the Business! This week we are talking about three of my favorite paid marketing strategies for wedding planners and florists. In different stages of business, each of these items has its pros and cons. It is important to keep that in mind as we go through […]

Best paid marketing techniques from wedding planner and designer, Kelsea Vaughan

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Are you the type of person that can just jump right off the deep end and have full faith in what you want to accomplish. If you are, WOW! You rock….I am not that person. I have full, unwavering faith, but I often feel like I am not _____ enough. You fill in the blank […]

5 tips to grow confidence in your business from Touch of Whimsy and Behind the Business