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How Long to Hire Your Photographer


Your wedding day is one of the most special and memorable days of your life. Having quality photographs of your wedding is the best way to freeze that special moment in time. These are memories you can look back on for years to come. So how long do you hire your photographer?

Getting Ready Photos

The brides who want to document their day from start to finish should have their photographer arrive early while they are getting ready. These photos capture your excitement and anticipation as well as provide a way for you to remember your time with your bridesmaids before you became a Mrs.! You may especially want to hire your photographer to come in early if you wish to have your dress photographed before you get dressed.

Photo by Erica Sofet Photography.

Detailed Photos

In order for your photographer to get detailed photos of your invitations, dress, accessories, cake, and decor, it is important for your photographer to arrive early. This is because once the wedding ceremony begins, it is hard to capture these details without guests crowding the area or ruining the shot. Although your ceremony and family photos are very important, these detailed photos are just as important! This allows you to remember all the aspects of your day.

Photos by Erica Sofet Photography.

First Look

If you don’t want to have photographs of you getting ready, you can hire your photographer to come in for pre-ceremony photos. After you get ready, you may plan to do a first look with your father or future hubby. If you do not plan to do a first look, this is the perfect time for your photographer to shoot pictures of the bridal party and groomsmen before the ceremony begins. You will want to set aside at least an hour for your photographer to get these shots.

Photos by Kayla Snell Photography.

Ceremony & Reception

Before the ceremony begins, you should plan on hiring your photographer for at least eight hours, depending on how late your reception is scheduled to end. This is the most important time for your photographer to be getting their shots. After the ceremony, there is about one hour to take family, wedding party, and couple’s photos. Once reception begins, the photographer will shoot the grand entrance, first-dances, cake-cutting, and bouquet and garter tosses. This takes several hours, so plan to have your photographer stay through the entire reception.

Photo by Kayla Snell Photography.

Send Off

Each wedding has a different send off, but no matter what exit you choose, you will want to have photos of the end of your night! A sparkler exit or photos of you leaving in a get away car is definitely something you will want your photographer to be present for. These pictures can be some of the best photos of the night! This requires you to hire a photographer to stay later in the night, but it is totally worth it!

Photo by Erica Sofet Photography.

Photo by Erica Sofet Photography.

We hope this was helpful for those brides who are contemplating how long to hire a photographer for their big day! For more help, check out our inspirational blog with examples of creative guest book ideas!







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