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Creative Guest Book Ideas


We all want to remember the people who shared our special day with us. But let’s face it, your wedding day can be a blur! To remember these special people, having a fun, creative guest book can be the perfect way to cherish that memory for life. Instead of having a traditional sign-in book, we have gathered a few examples of some creative guest book ideas:

Decorative Plaque

As Mr. & Mrs., you may want to decorate your new home together with a few items or pictures from your wedding day. A personalized plaque is a creative way to tastefully display the memory of the people who helped you celebrate your special day!

Photo by Dawn Elizabeth Studios.

Poloroid Station

This polaroid guestbook idea is for those couples who enjoy reflecting on photos from their big day! These polaroids capture special moments that may be more memorable than just an individual signature. Include cute directions so your guests know what to do!

Photo by Steph Lea Photography.

Personalized Cartoon

Are you interested in having the classic, clean look of traditional guest book signatures but wish to add some flare and creativity? A personalized cartoon is an easy way to add a cute, yet simple, element to your sign-in book! Include details from your wedding such as accurate depictions of your dress, floral design and color palette!

Photo by Allison Jeffers Photography.

Add your own twist!

If you have a particular interest you’re incorporating into your wedding, such as this modern, artsy theme, include a guest book that complements your style, as well as your creativity! This allows your personality to shine and gives a unique touch to the details of your wedding.

Photo by Dawn Elizabeth Studios.

We hope this blog was helpful and inspirational to those brides who are wishing to include creative, unique touches to their wedding! For more inspiration and unique ideas, check out our blog about wedding cake alternatives!




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