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Bridal Bouquet Inspiration


Photos by Allison Jeffers Photography.

Every bride is different and their styles vary. Looking for some bridal bouquet inspiration? You have come to the right place! We have laid out some examples of our favorite bridal bouquets for the brides who need a little extra help with design and color palettes.

Greenery With a Pop of Color

This bouquet is beautiful for the brides who wish to incorporate a lot of greenery but do not want it to overpower their bouquet. Using various flowers and adding a few pops of color is a great way to make your bridal bouquet stand out!

Photos by Steph Lea Photography.

Pinks and Reds

For a more uniform look, choose a couple of colors that complement each other, such as pinks and reds. The magenta flowers in this bouquet are a perfect combination of the pink and red, creating a color palette that is simple, yet elegant. Add some greenery to make your colors stand out even more!

Photos by Chandras Collection Photography.

A Simple Statement

Think about the lighting in your pictures, what look are you going for? If you want brighter pictures, choose flowers that really pop. By mixing white with shades of pink, the bride is highlighted, but the flowers still make a statement in photos. The flowers are bright and fun, while remaining simple and classy.

Photos by Allison Jeffers Photography.

Get Creative!

Are you a bride that wants a bouquet with a lot of flare and personality? This is a great example of a bouquet that embraces creativity and is definitely a statement piece. Bright, colorful flowers stand out beautifully against a white dress, which makes for great pictures! We love the matching ribbon that ties it all together.

Photos by N Barrett Photography.

Classic Pastels

These pastel colors provide a classic look, perfect for spring! This bouquet style is perfect for the more traditional bride who wants to add a modern touch. You cannot get more elegant than this!

Photos by Kayla Snell Photography.

We hope this guide to beautiful bridal bouquets was helpful! Wondering what to wear in your engagement photos? We have some tips that can help. Check out our blog about what to wear to your engagement photo session.




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