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Pre-Wedding Day Tips


The morning of your wedding can be awfully hectic if you aren’t prepared, so we have written a few pre-wedding day tips to help relieve some of that stress! Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised at the things that slip your mind as you approach wedding day.

Photo by Virginia Ann Photography.

Detailed Checklist

This pre-wedding day tip will save your life during the packing process. Type up a detailed checklist with each individual item (big or small) that needs to be taken to the wedding, and check off each box as you confirm that it has been packed in the car.

Pack in Advance

Pack your car either a day or two in advance to assure that everything is ready on the morning of the wedding. Do not forget to triple check your checklist to make sure every single item on the list is in the car! You don’t want to get to the venue and realize that something got left behind.

Confirm Vendors

Photo by Allison Jeffers Photography.

This is probably one of the most important details. If not, the most important! You will want to confirm each vendor at least one week in advance and confirm their arrival times, which can be added to the final copy of your timeline. Include all of the vendors contact information at the bottom of your timeline. The worst thing that could happen on wedding day is a caterer or photographer not showing up due to miscommunication!

Contact Wedding Party

Photo by Chandras Collection.

Rally your wedding party a week or two in advance and make sure that they all understand your expectations for wedding day. It is also a good idea to start a group text with your bridal party, just so everyone is able to communicate with one another in case of questions or emergencies! Don’t forget to send the venue address and any additional details they may need to know to get into the venue, as well as their expected arrival time.

Print Timelines

If you have created a timeline, it is best to print out copies for yourself, your family, and especially the bridal party. When you book with Touch of Whimsy, we create a full detailed timeline for you, as well as a condensed version for your bridal party, so they know whats going on throughout the day and know where they are supposed to be!

Preparing for a wedding is exciting, yet stressful at the same time. Refer back to this blog a few weeks before your wedding to refresh your memory and make pre-wedding activities run smoothly and on time. For more help, read our blog about what to pack in your wedding day emergency kit!




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