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Finding the Perfect Dress For Your Bridesmaids


Photo by Breanna McKendrick Photography.

Let’s be honest, your wedding would not be a success without the help of your bridesmaids. They play an extremely important role and support you every step of the way! However, sometimes finding the perfect dress for your bridesmaids can be difficult because it’s not easy to please everyone. We have a few examples of possible bridesmaid dresses to hopefully spark some inspiration in your wedding planning process!

Identical Dresses

Photo by Chandras Collection Photography.
Photo by Lacey Seymour Photography.

Wearing identical dresses and having matching bridesmaids bouquets looks very clean in photos and is the least stressful way to choose a bridesmaid’s dress. Everyone may not be happy with the choice, but it looks very uniform and is quicker than waiting for everyone to decide on a different style dress.

Similar Dresses

Photo by Kayla Snell Photography.
Photo by Chandras Collection Photography.

Some brides want their bridesmaids to feel comfortable, yet still want everyone to look similar and cohesive together in their dresses. This is perfect for bridesmaids who may have a preference in neckline or fabric, so it is the perfect compromise in choosing the perfect bridesmaids dresses. This is a very common style for brides to go with, and we love it!

Bridesmaid’s Choice!

Photo by Chandras Collection Photography.
Photo by Misty McLendon Photography.

Everyone comes in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes one bridesmaid feels comfortable in a dress, but another doesn’t. This can make finding the perfect dress for your bridesmaids difficult and cause more stress than necessary. If this is the case you’re in, maybe consider letting your bridesmaids choose a dress within your color scheme that they feel the most comfortable in! You can have guidelines for how outside of the box they are able to go, but this could be a solution to the problem and leave your bridesmaids happy.

We hope these photos and tips were helpful to you! Check out our blog about inspirational bridal gowns if you need help choosing the perfect style dress for you!




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