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Wedding Day Necessities: Emergency Kit


Photo by Allison Jeffers Photography.

Accidents happen, so be prepared because there might be some hiccups on your wedding day. Have no fear! Having an emergency kit available will provide solutions to any slip-ups that may occur throughout the night. Here are our top five things to include in your emergency kit on your wedding day:

  1. Coffee filters to dab away oil and sweat — Keep in mind, this does not remove makeup! This is an especially good idea if you’re planning on having your ceremony or reception outside.
  2. White chalk to cover any accidental stains —  NO SHOUT OR TIDE PEN! It will bleach the dress.
  3. It will be a long day, so bring water and snacks — We do not want a bride fainting on wedding day!
  4. Lots of tissues — This is a must for everyone! There will be many emotions flying around, and you will not want to ruin your makeup.
  5. Bobby pins and safety pins — You will be dancing throughout the night, and if you are planning on wearing your hair up, you will want those spare bobby pins to secure the fly-aways toward the end of the night. Also, safety pins can be a lifesaver in case there is a wardrobe malfunction!

Make a check list of items to bring beforehand, or you can use the Touch of Whimsy provided packing list when you book with us!

Photo by Dawn Elizabeth Studios.

Relax! Things will happen, but hiring a coordinator to help you in advance will help mitigate any major issues. We hope these suggestions were helpful in your planning process. Check out our blog about four ways to remember your wedding day for more inspiration! For more items to pack in your emergency kit, read this article: The Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit




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