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Touch of Whimsy is a Texas-based wedding and event design and coordination business, founded by Kelsea Vaughan.








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When attending as a guest at a wedding, it is important to keep proper wedding etiquette in mind. Although there are many “dos,” there are also a lot of “don’ts.” We have made a few reminders, or “wedding don’ts,” to think of when preparing to go to a wedding! Don’t wear white! This seems like […]


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If you don’t already have a wedding planner making one for you, it’s a great idea to create a planning timeline for your wedding day! A planning timeline allows you to be organized and stay on track throughout the day to reduce stress. This is one thing we never go without on wedding day and […]


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Accidents happen, so be prepared because there might be some hiccups on your wedding day. Have no fear! Having an emergency kit available will provide solutions to any slip-ups that may occur throughout the night. Here are our top five things to include in your emergency kit on your wedding day: Coffee filters to dab […]