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Planning for Maternity Leave | Automating your Business Part 3


Welcome back, friends! It is time for the last part of our Planning for Maternity Leave series. Before reading/watching part 3, I highly recommend watching part 1 and part 2 first as it gives you a great overview of what to do and what to expect with your company and your team. The content is just one small part of your business that you will want to automate. Let’s dive into the video.

Planning for Maternity Leave | Content Creation Video

Automating Content Creation

Automation is key for mom bosses. We have very little time to waste and it requires a lot of effort to keep up with social media these days. Automating your content before your leave will really help ease the burden and make it look like you are still rocking and rolling in the office.

  1. Set-up Instagram, Pinterest Pins, Blogs, and Emails in advance.
    1. Tailwind, Flodesk, WordPress, etc.
    2. No optimal number — do what you can and give yourself grace.
  2. Blogs
    1. A tip I learned from Kat Schmoyer with Creative at Heart…Automate emails that drive your audience back to your most popular or unseen blogs.
    2. Cut your blog content in half to ease the workload pre-baby.
  3. Emails
    1. Direct to older content that needs more love.
    2. Set-up workflows that automatically send helpful tips to your clients.
    3. Set-up workflows that continue to drive sales to other portions of your business.
      1. Diversify andย  while your away to keep

Automating Your Everyday Business

  1. Workflows – task lists
    1. HoneyBook, Tave, or Trello
  2. Bookkeeping
    1. Hire it out or automate through a software.
  3. Clients
    1. Auto email all. day. long. — You’re on maternity leave…they can wait.
    2. Prep meetings and expectations in advance
    3. Only answer the ones that must be answered. — Delegate to team members
  4. The rest can wait —– ๐Ÿ™‚

It all comes down to grace mama. You are strong, beautiful, and trying to keep a new human alive. Automate to the best of your abilities beforehand to keep your positive momentum going and then let the rest go. If you only have 2 Instagram posts go out instead of will not be the end of the world. I promise. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  You can do this! If you are a new mama or planning for maternity leave, I’d love to see how you are crushing it with that adorable bundle by your side! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our Behind the Business Blog to see every new post.

With Love,

Kelsea Vaughan





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