The Wedding Teardown Process

Photo by Dawn Elizabeth Studios.

As I sat down to write this week’s blog, I wanted to write something that was fun, educational, and maybe share a few behind-the-scenes tips. A couple of weeks ago, I took my sister along with me for the teardown of a wedding, and she was fascinated. She was so surprised by the amount of detail that went into the wedding teardown process, she encouraged me to write this blog! So here are a few details that go into the wedding teardown process:

Bussing Tables

Photo by Allison Jeffers Photography.

Bussing tables is typically something that is done throughout the night to avoid the appearance of clutter, as well as to save time later in the night. Tables are usually bussed by the caterers, or a team hired specifically for clean-up, but can also be done by the coordinator if necessary. If you see people walking around, cleaning up tables during a wedding, remember that this is actually a part of the early stages of the wedding teardown process. You can’t do anything until the tables are cleared!

Divide and Conquer

When preparing for breakdown, I personally like to get all of the inventory separated into corresponding piles on one or two tables. That way, it is easier to box up all of the inventory and load it into the car in an organized way. With our team, we usually divide and conquer by assigning tasks to each member to get the job done quicker. Each vendor typically takes care of their own belongings/area, but there are usually many family members who stay behind to help tear down the decor. When it comes to the wedding teardown process, the more people helping, the better!

Know Your “Go-To” People

Touch of Whimsy Design and Coordination with Lyndsay Lyon Photography, The Prospect House, and Black Petal Floral Design
Photo by Lyndsay Lyon Photography.

Knowing your “go-to” person, or people, is a very important component to the teardown process. It is vital to know who is in charge of taking home the alcohol, gifts/cards, marriage license, and personal belongings. Before the day of your wedding, get with your planner and let them know who is going to be responsible for these things at the end of the night. This avoids any confusion and prevents anything from being left behind or misplaced.


Photo by Dawn Elizabeth Studios | Florals by Touch of Whimsy

A common question we are asked at the end of the night is, “What do we do with all of these flowers?” There is nothing that breaks my heart more than when a whole events-worth of flowers gets dumped in the trash after only a few hours. A few things we like to suggest are to first ask the bridesmaids if they want to take their bouquets/any extra flowers home. After that, it is a good idea to offer them out to any guests or vendors who may be interested in taking them home. If you still have a ton of flowers leftover, or if no one wanted to take any home, you can take the flowers to a nearby nursing home! Ask your planner for other options before throwing all of your beautiful flowers away.

We enjoyed sharing some fun facts about the wedding teardown process, and hopefully you enjoyed seeing what it is like behind-the-scenes! To read more about what goes on behind-the-scenes on wedding day, click here to read an additional blog. 🙂




Pre-Wedding Day Tips

The morning of your wedding can be awfully hectic if you aren’t prepared, so we have written a few pre-wedding day tips to help relieve some of that stress! Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised at the things that slip your mind as you approach wedding day.

Photo by Virginia Ann Photography.

Detailed Checklist

This pre-wedding day tip will save your life during the packing process. Type up a detailed checklist with each individual item (big or small) that needs to be taken to the wedding, and check off each box as you confirm that it has been packed in the car.

Pack in Advance

Pack your car either a day or two in advance to assure that everything is ready on the morning of the wedding. Do not forget to triple check your checklist to make sure every single item on the list is in the car! You don’t want to get to the venue and realize that something got left behind.

Confirm Vendors

Photo by Allison Jeffers Photography.

This is probably one of the most important details. If not, the most important! You will want to confirm each vendor at least one week in advance and confirm their arrival times, which can be added to the final copy of your timeline. Include all of the vendors contact information at the bottom of your timeline. The worst thing that could happen on wedding day is a caterer or photographer not showing up due to miscommunication!

Contact Wedding Party

Photo by Chandras Collection.

Rally your wedding party a week or two in advance and make sure that they all understand your expectations for wedding day. It is also a good idea to start a group text with your bridal party, just so everyone is able to communicate with one another in case of questions or emergencies! Don’t forget to send the venue address and any additional details they may need to know to get into the venue, as well as their expected arrival time.

Print Timelines

If you have created a timeline, it is best to print out copies for yourself, your family, and especially the bridal party. When you book with Touch of Whimsy, we create a full detailed timeline for you, as well as a condensed version for your bridal party, so they know whats going on throughout the day and know where they are supposed to be!

Preparing for a wedding is exciting, yet stressful at the same time. Refer back to this blog a few weeks before your wedding to refresh your memory and make pre-wedding activities run smoothly and on time. For more help, read our blog about what to pack in your wedding day emergency kit!

Finding the Perfect Dress For Your Bridesmaids

Are you looking for the perfect bridesmaids dresses? Check out our blog post on for all the inside scoop. | Touch of Whimsy Design & Coordination |
Photo by Breanna McKendrick Photography.

Let’s be honest, your wedding would not be a success without the help of your bridesmaids. They play an extremely important role and support you every step of the way! However, sometimes finding the perfect dress for your bridesmaids can be difficult because it’s not easy to please everyone. We have a few examples of possible bridesmaid dresses to hopefully spark some inspiration in your wedding planning process!

Identical Dresses

Are you looking for the perfect bridesmaids dresses? Check out our blog post on for all the inside scoop. | Touch of Whimsy Design & Coordination |
Photo by Chandras Collection Photography.
Are you looking for the perfect bridesmaids dresses? Check out our blog post on for all the inside scoop. | Touch of Whimsy Design & Coordination |
Photo by Lacey Seymour Photography.

Wearing identical dresses and having matching bridesmaids bouquets looks very clean in photos and is the least stressful way to choose a bridesmaid’s dress. Everyone may not be happy with the choice, but it looks very uniform and is quicker than waiting for everyone to decide on a different style dress.

Similar Dresses

Are you looking for the perfect bridesmaids dresses? Check out our blog post on for all the inside scoop. | Touch of Whimsy Design & Coordination |
Photo by Kayla Snell Photography.
Are you looking for the perfect bridesmaids dresses? Check out our blog post on for all the inside scoop. | Touch of Whimsy Design & Coordination |
Photo by Chandras Collection Photography.

Some brides want their bridesmaids to feel comfortable, yet still want everyone to look similar and cohesive together in their dresses. This is perfect for bridesmaids who may have a preference in neckline or fabric, so it is the perfect compromise in choosing the perfect bridesmaids dresses. This is a very common style for brides to go with, and we love it!

Bridesmaid’s Choice!

Are you looking for the perfect bridesmaids dresses? Check out our blog post on for all the inside scoop. | Touch of Whimsy Design & Coordination |
Photo by Chandras Collection Photography.
Are you looking for the perfect bridesmaids dresses? Check out our blog post on for all the inside scoop. | Touch of Whimsy Design & Coordination |
Photo by Misty McLendon Photography.

Everyone comes in all different shapes and sizes, and sometimes one bridesmaid feels comfortable in a dress, but another doesn’t. This can make finding the perfect dress for your bridesmaids difficult and cause more stress than necessary. If this is the case you’re in, maybe consider letting your bridesmaids choose a dress within your color scheme that they feel the most comfortable in! You can have guidelines for how outside of the box they are able to go, but this could be a solution to the problem and leave your bridesmaids happy.

We hope these photos and tips were helpful to you! Check out our blog about inspirational bridal gowns if you need help choosing the perfect style dress for you!

Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what is going behind the scenes on wedding days? We have some insight that may interest you! There is a lot of work that goes into setting up for a wedding, and it takes all a team full of vendors working together to pull it off. Here are a few of the things that vendors do while setting up for a wedding:

Photo by Olvera Photography.

Venue Manager

The venue manager is someone you may not even notice throughout the night. However, they are always there and have been for the entire day! In fact, the venue manager is the first to arrive and the last to leave. They arrive around 8:00-8:30am and do not leave the venue until 12:30am. Their job is to arrive at the venue to open the doors, assist the vendors throughout the day, enforce venue rules, and make sure the day runs smoothly. They are such an important part of the day, and the wedding would not be able to happen without them.


Photo by Allison Jeffers Photography.

When you walk into a reception area, the first thing you notice is all of the beautiful decor and tables for things like a sign-in book, gifts, and cake. More than likely, this was work was done by the wedding coordinator. There are typically one or two coordinators on the day of the wedding, and like the venue manager, they have been on site the entire day. They are involved in every part of the wedding day from setting up ceremony, reception and cocktail hour, to coordinating all of the reception events like first dances, cake, toasts, and exit. The coordinators are also responsible for making sure all of the vendors are doing their jobs and that the bridal party stays on top of things throughout the day and make it down the aisle smoothly. They pin boutonnieres, line up the wedding party in order, send them down the aisle, and make sure they are ready for grand entrance. You may see them running around throughout the night, and remember that they are extremely crucial to the success of the wedding!


Photo by Allison Jeffers Photography.

The florist is also one of the people who arrive early on wedding day to get a jump start on their work. They have to be done early so the photographer can begin taking detailed photos before guests arrive, and also make sure the ceremony site is ready in time if they are also placing floral arrangements there. Occasionally the florist will make their arrangements on site, but we like to have the bouquets and arrangements ready a couple of days in advance to save time and stress on wedding day! Florists order their flowers in advance and receive them about one week before wedding day. They begin processing them (cutting and cleaning stems, placing in water, etc.) a few days before the wedding, and work hard to make sure every detail is perfect, since their work is one of the main attractions.


Photo by Dawn Elizabeth Studios.

The photographer arrives fairly early in the day, depending on if they are taking getting ready photos or not, but they are there early enough to take detailed photos before guests arrive for ceremony. Their job is vital to the memories the couple will have of their special day. They are constantly working from the time they arrive at the venue, to the time they leave after exit. They begin with detailed or getting ready photos, then go into pre-ceremony photos. Ceremony photos are next, followed by family/wedding party photos, and usually the couple takes sunset photos during the reception. Reception photos and exit photos are the last to be taken, and then the photographer’s work is done. Now you see why they are one of the vendors that works non-stop all day. Check out our blog about how long to hire a photographer for more education on wedding photographers!

Next time you attend a wedding, don’t forget to look around and appreciate everything you see, because there was a team of people who worked hard all day to make the wedding so beautiful and such a success!

Table Decor Inspiration

Photo by Lyndsay Lyon Photography.

There are many different styles of weddings, which can make choosing table decor difficult. Here are a few examples of table decor for inspiration to hopefully help relieve you of some of your wedding stress:

Lanterns With a Twist

Photo by Limelight Photography.

Yes, candles and lanterns are used as centerpieces all the time, but have you ever seen one like this? How cute! Eucalyptus and a rose was all this needed to become a unique centerpiece. Talk to your florist or planner about potential options for decorating lanterns.

Flowers & Cute Vases

Photo by Kayla Snell Photography.

We rent out these beautiful gold vases that are chic and elegant! Repurpose your bouquets throughout the tables by placing them in the vases. For additional decor in the empty spots, put floating candles in the vases. To incorporate your flowers, have your florist disperse some flowers throughout the greenery on the table. This will add some color to your decor as well!

Linens & Greenery

Photo by Steph Lea Photography.

We love this one! If you don’t like the look of just greenery by itself, place a table runner or linens underneath to add some extra flare. The wood blocks for plate chargers is another unique touch you could add if you have a lot of wooden accents for your other decor. For a romantic feel, place tall candles with metallic candle sticks running down the middle of the table!

Personalized Table Settings

Photo by Nikk Nguyen Photography.

Simple greenery with the table pre-set and personalized names for seating is a sophisticated way to decorate your table. The brown patterned plate chargers against the greenery looks earthy and elegant, and your guests will think so too!

Hopefully this helped a little bit in your wedding planning journey! Visit our blog page for more ideas and tips.

Wedding Don’ts

Wedding planning by Touch of Whimsy Design and Coordination, a San Antonio Wedding Planning company. Designed for a bride at the Southwest School of Art.

When attending as a guest at a wedding, it is important to keep proper wedding etiquette in mind. Although there are many “dos,” there are also a lot of “don’ts.” We have made a few reminders, or “wedding don’ts,” to think of when preparing to go to a wedding!

Wedding planning by Touch of Whimsy Design and Coordination, a San Antonio Wedding Planning company. Designed for a bride at the Southwest School of Art.
Photo by Erica Sofet Photography.

Don’t wear white!

This seems like common sense, but you would be surprised! No matter what, DO NOT wear white to a wedding. This is the bride’s day, and she should be the star. Let her shine and be the only one wearing white!

Photo by Mitchell Bahr Photography.

Don’t be on your phone/taking photos during ceremony unless told otherwise.

Although there are certain occasions when a couple wishes to have their ceremony photographed by guests, do not use your phone for photos during ceremony unless there is a sign that specifically states it is okay to use phone. Phones can be a distraction to others during this time, and it is such a sacred and special moment, you won’t want to miss it.

Don’t approach the bride and groom too soon during dinner– give them a moment to eat.

Keep this in mind. This is so important! I know it is an exciting time and seems like a good idea to jump the gun and run over to talk to the bride and groom. However, when guests approach the couple immediately after dinner is served, they do not have time to eat. This is because once one guest approaches the couple, the line never stops! Don’t get us wrong, the bride and groom want to see their guests and loved ones, but give them at least ten minutes to eat so they aren’t starving throughout the night.

Photo by Allison Jeffers Photography

Don’t talk during toasts or first dances.

From a planner’s standpoint, one of the most frustrating parts of weddings is when people are talking over toasts or first dances. This is such a special moment during reception, and one that has been planned out for months. As a guest, please be respectful and remain quiet during this time!

Photo by Erica Sofet Photography.

Don’t forget your gift!

Most couples will have a gift registry you can find online, so make sure to check it out! This is a special occasion, and they wanted to include you in their special day, so it is definitely worth treating your friends to a gift. If you’re unable to bring a gift, bring a card because your friends will appreciate knowing you were there celebrating the start of their new life together!

Don’t bring an uninvited guest or plus one.

If your invitation includes a plus one, you’ll know! However, if that is not included in the invitation, don’t assume you automatically get one. Weddings are expensive, and every head is paid for, so don’t be offended if you don’t get to bring a guest! Enjoy yourself regardless.

We hope you found these tips to be helpful! For more educational tips to keep in mind as a wedding guest, read our blog about social media etiquette at weddings!

Planning Timeline

If you don’t already have a wedding planner making one for you, it’s a great idea to create a planning timeline for your wedding day! A planning timeline allows you to be organized and stay on track throughout the day to reduce stress. This is one thing we never go without on wedding day and neither should you!

Photo by Allison Jeffers Photography.

Meet with your photographer first, before setting your timeline, because they’re the most important person to be in synch with in creating your timeline. Your day-of timeline basically revolves around your photographer’s schedule, so it is best to make sure you’re on the same page beforehand!

Make sure to give yourself at least one hour to get into your dress before your pre-ceremony photos. Keep in mind, this is separate from hair and makeup, so you’ll need to plan around that as well. Have your mom and maid of honor have their hair and make up done first, before you and your bridesmaids, so that they are ready in time to help with the photos of you getting into your dress!

Photo by Erica Sofet Photography.

In detail, make note of your processional order, with who is escorting who, to avoid any confusion on the day of the wedding. Include the grand entrance order, and make sure to give a copy of your timeline to the DJ. Also include a song list for your DJ.

**Include a vendor list at the end of your timeline with contact information (name/company, phone number, and email address). This is extremely important for your timeline in case of any emergencies or delays!**

Photo by Erica Sofet Photography.

Make a separate, condensed timeline for your wedding party with contact information for each person, as well as vendors. You never know who may wander off or need help at some point during the getting ready process. There will most likely be a lot of questions on wedding day, and you, as the bride, don’t want to be bombarded with all of those questions! Sit back, relax, and let your wedding party/family take care of you. Having a day-of coordinator is always helpful too!

As always, we love sharing these tips with you and hope this blog was helpful to you in your planning process. Check out our blog about wedding day necessities to see what you should include in your wedding day packing list!

Wedding Day Necessities: Emergency Kit

Photo by Allison Jeffers Photography.

Accidents happen, so be prepared because there might be some hiccups on your wedding day. Have no fear! Having an emergency kit available will provide solutions to any slip-ups that may occur throughout the night. Here are our top five things to include in your emergency kit on your wedding day:

  1. Coffee filters to dab away oil and sweat — Keep in mind, this does not remove makeup! This is an especially good idea if you’re planning on having your ceremony or reception outside.
  2. White chalk to cover any accidental stains —  NO SHOUT OR TIDE PEN! It will bleach the dress.
  3. It will be a long day, so bring water and snacks — We do not want a bride fainting on wedding day!
  4. Lots of tissues — This is a must for everyone! There will be many emotions flying around, and you will not want to ruin your makeup.
  5. Bobby pins and safety pins — You will be dancing throughout the night, and if you are planning on wearing your hair up, you will want those spare bobby pins to secure the fly-aways toward the end of the night. Also, safety pins can be a lifesaver in case there is a wardrobe malfunction!

Make a check list of items to bring beforehand, or you can use the Touch of Whimsy provided packing list when you book with us!

Photo by Dawn Elizabeth Studios.

Relax! Things will happen, but hiring a coordinator to help you in advance will help mitigate any major issues. We hope these suggestions were helpful in your planning process. Check out our blog about four ways to remember your wedding day for more inspiration! For more items to pack in your emergency kit, read this article: The Must-Have Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Choosing A Wedding Dress

The hunt for a wedding dress can be difficult, yet one of the most exciting and special experiences you will ever have. Finding the perfect dress is a moment you dream about from the time you are a little girl, and you’ll know when you find it! As they say, when you know, you know.

Photo by Dawn Elizabeth Studios.

Whether you have tried on 100 dresses, or none, stay positive. You will find the one! We have pulled a few dress styles to spark some inspiration and hopefully ease this part of your wedding planning process.

A-Line Ball Gown

Simplicity is key with this dress! This bride shines in her a-line dress, with a sweetheart neckline. The beaded belt makes her waist look tiny, but adds a small amount of sparkle, which really makes the dress stand out. This style of dress is perfect for any season and is extremely flattering on any body type!

Photos by Misty McLendon Photography.


Many brides think that white is the only color a wedding dress comes in, but that is not true. There are actually many different shades of white, and ivory, that are becoming more and more popular to wear! This stunning, off-white dress screams whimsical with its beaded straps, and tool bottom. This style of dress is great for the more modern, edgy bride, looking for subtle ways to make their wedding stand out.

Photo by Jessica Chole Photography.

Lace Halter

A timeless lace dress, with a halter back, is ideal for a summer wedding in Texas! It is light, airy, and elegant, with a Southern touch. The slim cut, loose, a-line shape is great for dancing and staying comfortable throughout the night. You can never go wrong with classic lace!

Photos by Allison Jeffers Photography.


Ow! Ow! This strapless, mermaid style dress is a show-stopper with its intricate lace detail, subtle sweetheart neckline, and beaded belt. This shape dress is great for shorter, petite brides, who don’t want to be eaten by their dress. However, if you are not a shorter bride, still try on a mermaid dress, because you never know what might work. Don’t limit yourself while on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress!

Photo by Mitchell Bahr Photography.

The moment you try on a dress and feel like a princess is when you know you have found the right dress! Remember, don’t go into dress shopping with only one style, or dress, in mind. Try on many different styles and designers, because you may be pleasantly surprised! Read our bridal bouquet blog for more help and inspiration.

4 Ways To Remember Your Big Day

    Your wedding day can be a blur, and it goes by so quick! We have laid out a few tips to keep in mind during your big day to help you remember the special moments you will cherish forever.

Photo by Allison Jeffers Photography.

Stay Calm

Have fun; this is the most important thing to remember on your wedding day. Sit back and relax. Stressing out will only make you miss the special moments you would have had otherwise. Yes, things go wrong sometimes, and nobody is perfect, but know that everyone is working hard for you to have the best day possible, so you might as well enjoy every minute of it!

Ceremony Photos

My personal favorite: Talk to your photographer and make sure one of them (if there are two photographers) focuses in on the groom’s face as he sees you walk down the aisle for the first time; you’ll definitely want to see those shots later! Most people look at the bride as soon as she begins walking down the aisle, but the look on the groom’s face is just as moving!

Photo by Allison Jeffers Photography.


Sign in/guestbooks can often be overlooked at weddings. You do not want yours to be one of them! Make sure to put your guestbook out where your guests can easily see it so that they are sure not to miss it. This is one of the easiest ways to remember the loved ones who helped you celebrate your big day. You may also want the DJ to make an announcement to remind everyone to sign it!

Photo by Ann Oettel Photography.


Create a personalized hashtag for your guests to use throughout the reception. If you wish to have your ceremony photographed, let your guests know! However, if you have a strong opinion about no phones during ceremony, make sure that is clear to your guests as well. Using a simple sign will do the trick. Having a personalized hashtag for your wedding is a great way to engage your guests and have a simple way to look at other people’s memories of your special day!

We enjoyed sharing some advice about how to help you remember your wedding day, and hopefully you did too! Check out our blog about how long to hire your photographer for more educational tips!