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New You, Before the New Year


Wow…What a year it has been so far. Dare I say exciting or traumatizing? It really depends on your outlook. For our family, it has been a year of change and learning how to slow down – Thank you quarantine. Granted, we still have 3 months left before the end of 2020. Many people I talk to though are ready for the storm of 2020 to be over with. Why wait for the new year to make changes in your life? There is no rule that the “new you” has to start in the new year. The new you (whatever that may be) can happen right now! So let’s tune in to the video for more info. You can find the outline of the video below.

New You, Before the New Year Video

Tips on Creating a New You

Educational platforms tend to be pretty predictable. Every January you can bet that you are going to see swarms of goal setting tips and tricks articles. And in April you can bet that you will see tons of articles on doing your taxes. Nevertheless, if you wait until January to figure out what you want or you wait until April to start worrying about your taxes, you are already WAYYYY behind the curve. That is why I am bringing this New You article to you in October.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty, shall we?

  1. Anything in this world can change for the good. Know it, believe it, act on it.
  2. Baby Steps. Small actionable goals will help you see many victories along your path.
  3. Keep a broad, and overall idea for your life. My least favorite interview question is, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” To a Christian that should have no basis on your life. In 5 years, I hope I am a better disciple, mother, leader, or wife than I am today. That is literally one of the only answers you could have. Careers, dream houses, etc. just don’t fall into this category. There is no way for us to see the plans that God has for our life, but I can guarantee you that it will be far better than you can imagine! Five years ago, I would have never imagined that I would be designing huge floral installations while managing a team of coordinators, and 2 kids (well 1 kid and one on the way lol). God’s plan for our lives is so much bigger than we can imagine.
  4. Failure is not defined by one misstep. It is defined by your ability to get back up.
  5. Say it loud, say it proud. When you say your ideas, your ambitions, and your goals to your friends and family, you suddenly have a slew of accountability partners that will help encourage you to keep moving!
  6. It’s ok to have big dreams and goals but hold them loosely. Your big goals could be a crumb in comparison to His plans, but if you hold them too tightly you might miss the blessings God is giving you.

I promise I will hop off my soapbox now. 🙂 Thank you for joining me this week. I’d love to hear your tips for creating beautiful changes in your life. Be sure to subscribe to our email list and our YouTube channel to get notifications of each new episode.

With Love,





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