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Mastering “Me Time” with Anna Kay Photography


Today we have a very special guest on Behind the Business. Please help me welcome Mrs. Anna Wright with Anna Kay Photography in San Antonio, Texas. She is such a sweet soul, thriving mom-boss, and she is mastering me time with 3 adorable kiddos. Did I mention she is a military wife too? There is nothing she can’t do. Let’s give her a warm welcome!

Mastering “Me Time”

Questions with Anna Kay Photography

1) Tell us about your family and your business.

Hey friends! I’m Anna, a wife to Daniel for 11 years and mom to 3 (Lilly, 8, Cael, 6 and Miles, 2)  plus a new pup! I’m a wedding and portrait photographer that centers my business on relationships and a feeling of comfortable luxury. As a military family, we’ve become accustomed to making fast friendships wherever we go and I strive to have that approach to my business. A “When You’re Here, You’re Family” kind of deal. I love traveling and meeting new people, sampling local coffees and wineries, and finding the uniqueness of new places. We travel with our kids often and hope that they grow up to meet the world with the same curiosity and respect.

2) How do you like to accomplish your work? (environment, time of day, block schedule vs. to-do, etc.)

The ideal schedule for me is a myth right now, as I’m sure lots of work from home moms are finding. My two older kids have been out of school since March now and my husband returned from a deployment and is working from home as well. My schedule varies now, but I approach my work in a pretty systemized way.
Every Sunday I write out my to-do list, Must do, goals, deadlines etc. I start my week finishing by meeting deadlines first-it’s hard for me to think about other goals if I have something looming over my head. Once the deadlines are met, I move on to must do-which are typically things that I need to do for my business-like website updates, planning social media, touching base with clients, then I move on to goals. Goals are things that are truly bonuses! And if I can get a couple done each week I feel like I’m moving in the right direction.

3) What are your three go-to ways to refresh and stay healthy with your “Me-Time”?

I certainly try to carve out “ME-Time”, and it’s often found in small blocks throughout the day. My shower time is sacred! I use that time to decompress, listen to podcasts, and think. With 3 kids running around I get sensory overload often and as I’ve gotten older I realize that I need that time to decompress or I get frustrated.
Going for date nights with my husband is another way that I have “ME-Time”! Even though it’s technically “US” time, it helps me to relax and just feel like myself. We both are super dedicated to working and raising our family so having time to talk together and spend intentional time together is really important. Another way that I get my “ME” time is by spending time with friends-I try and dedicate time each week to just hanging out with a friend. Grabbing a coffee, having a FaceTime date, etc is so refreshing. And the quiet time to get there in the car is nice too 🙂

4) Lastly, what is the most important tip you can give our viewers to help them fit in that crucial time? 

If I had to give you my most important tip it would be to prioritize and outsource. It’s impossible to do it all, so if you want to see real growth you need to figure out what those “Must Do” items are, figure out what things you can offload to achieve your goals faster. And give yourself some grace! It takes time to learn how to manage time!

There you have it, friends! Be sure to follow Reyna on Instagram and subscribe to our channel to get updates on all our new videos. If you missed last week’s episode on paid marketing strategies for wedding planners…you should really check it out here!

With Love,





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