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You Graduated! Now What? Find Your Way in the World


Welcome back to Behind the Business! Last week we discussed the Best Paid Marketing Strategies for your business. This week join us as we discuss what life in the real world and how to find your way in the world. There are young college students around the country asking, “Now what?” I remember, not too long ago, being at Texas A&M University, and wondering what my life would be like once I graduated. I had several ideas of the various jobs I could accept, but none of them seem to fit me.

How to Find Your Way in the World

The greatest questions you can ask yourself are, “who do you want to be? ” Or “How can you serve the world? Your family? Yourself?” As you get older, I pray you never stop asking yourself these questions. A job is just another item on your todo list if it doesn’t serve the world, your family, and yourself.

Here are some of my tips for finding your place in the world:

  1. Be open-minded. Too often we stick ourselves in a box instead of imaging the possibilities.
  2. Find your passion and work on ways to make it profitable. A life with a subpar job that you do not enjoy is no life at all.
  3. Find a mentor. Become a life long learner and find someone who has already experienced the same struggles that might come your way. For example, in the wedding industry, I’d recommend finding a seasoned planner and apply for an internship or apprenticeship. Once your business is established. Find planners in other markets (that you are not directly competing against) to bounce ideas off of.

If you are specifically interested in the wedding planning or event floral industry I highly recommend tip 3 above. Email local wedding planners and ask about potential learning opportunities. I highly, highly, highly recommend working for someone before you open your own company. Take it from someone who dove into the deep in straight after college! I would have been a much better planner to my clients during my first year if I had on-the-job experience.

You can also find a wealth of knowledge through sources such as Team Flower, a resource providing education and support for people that would like to “love the world through flowers.”

Thanks for tuning in! We can’t wait to have you back!

With Love,





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