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5 Tips to Grow Confidence in Your Business


Are you the type of person that can just jump right off the deep end and have full faith in what you want to accomplish. If you are, WOW! You rock….I am not that person. I have full, unwavering faith, but I often feel like I am not _____ enough. You fill in the blank here. These are some of the words that come to my mind: strong, brave, smart. Today is the day that we say ‘GOODBYE’ to these fears. You are everything you need to be and today I’ve got 5 tips to help you grow confidence in your business and yourself.

5 Tips to Grow Confidence in Your Business

1. Find your strengths and grow your weaknesses

What are your strengths? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you love talking numbers (like me) or would you rather write to your heart’s content? Find what you love to do or what you are really good at and find ways to thrive in those areas. For me, I am really bad at writing…like really bad. That is why I like to include a video. I feel like I can more clearly communicate my point by speaking than through writing. To overcome my weakness in writing I use Grammarly. It points out my grammar mistakes including punctuation, spelling, and word usage. I highly recommend adding it to your computer.

2. Write as you speak

I learn this from a copywriter that I follow. It is so much easier for people to read as you speak. It makes you sound more authentic and personable. If you are more concerned with expressing your point or opinion instead of presenting a perfectly written paper, you will have more confidence in your words. Your audience will also connect with you on a more personal level. It will attract your ideal client, as well.

5 tips to grow confidence in your business from Touch of Whimsy and Behind the Business

3. Ask for help

Find mentors or peers that are experts in certain areas. I have a few friends and family members that I consider ‘experts’ in certain areas. These people are great friends to just talk and bounce ideas off of. Being a solo-preneur can be a lonely and sometimes scary place to be. It is important to have a group of friends you can go to for inspiration and ideas. It is also a great idea to consider highering a business coach when you have a specific goal you need help achieving.

5 tips to grow confidence in your business from Touch of Whimsy and Behind the Business

4. Small wins equal big steps towards growing confidence in your business.

Setting out to achieve massive goals has always been challenging for me. If I leave my house with my running shoes on and say, “I’m going to run 5 miles today”….it never happens. I give up by mile 3 or 4, but if I say, “I’m going to run one mile at a time today,” I usually end up running 5 or even 6 miles. As each mile is achieved I feel stronger and more accomplished. I am proud that I made it further than I did the day before. You can use the same strategy in your business. Instead of saying you want to be book 60 brides this year, how about setting quarterly goals to book 15 brides in that quarter. You would be surprised how much you can accomplish with incremental goals.

5. Be aware of possible roadblocks and find ways to conquer them.

Challenges will arise in your business on a regular basis. With technology quickly changing and the needs of our clients evolving over time you will continually find yourself in “Make It Work Mode”. Building your problem-solving skills will help you feel more confident in your abilities to adapt to our ever-changing market. If you are one of those stuck-in-the-moment / hate change kinds of people, you will have a really hard time running a business. Instead take time to learn new skills, social media platforms, and read personal growth books. My most recent personal favorites are:

5 tips to grow confidence in your business from Touch of Whimsy and Behind the Business

By integrating these common practices into your everyday life you will begin to grow your confidence in yourself and your business. A lot of people find a lack of confidence in their pricing. Be sure to check out our post Asking for What You’re Worth for more insight into this topic. With your new-found confidence, you will be able to attract your ideal client and ask for the price that you are worth.

With Love,





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