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3 Tips to Building a Rock-Star Team


Welcome back to another episode of Behind the Business, an educational blog aimed at educating creative business owners and mompreneurs to grow their business and better their lives. This week we are talking about building a team….and not just any team. A bad team will do you more harm than no team at all. Today we will discuss 3 tips for building a killer, kick-butt, highly-motivated team.

Let’s jump right into the Building a Rock-Star Team video!

What we learned:

  1. Start with the right people
    1. Be Patient. The right people will come along. I met my favorite team members in the weirdest of circumstances. Constantly have your eyes open to new opportunities in your team. Never say no, even if you may not need help right now. Instead, add them to your “Creative Team” or your “Backup Crew”.
    2. Get Creative
      1. Universities – Talk to your professors and mentors from college. Ask who the brightest stars are right now. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Be sure to consider the type of role you are hiring for. Will this position require experience or is a fresh, young face better for your business?
      2. “Model Calls” – Put it out in the social media world. Get the attention of your followers.
      3. Ask your mentors – You already trust these people with insight into your business. Why not trust them with the expertise from their circle of peers or followers.
  2. Set Standards
    1. Expectations
      1. Working Hours
      2. Pay – People usually don’t work for free. While they may not have taken the job for its killer pay or benefits, they do want to know clear expectations for pay. We created contracts for all employees and contractors. Pay and benefits are spelled out clear as day so that there is no room for discrepancy or issues later on down the road.
      3. Values and Moral – CRUCIAL POINT! Do not miss this! Your brand is built upon your values and morals. In order for your team to know your brand, they need to know where your morals and values stand. You aren’t looking to force your ideas upon them, but you want them to know your expectations for their behavior. For example, I expect my team members to be kind, courteous, helpful, and ethical. My morals are Christian based. They do not need to believe the same ideals I do, but they do need to uphold the morals that come from that.
  3. Goals
    1. A plan to succeed
    2. A way to track progress

That’s it for this week! Send us your favorite tips for building a killer, rock-star team and we will feature them on our blog. If you missed the last episode, be sure to check out our insider look at expenses…what you need, what you don’t, and how to minimize them in your business. Right now, we are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, it is so important to know your numbers and how they affect your business.

Until next time, have a blessed day and be a blessing to someone in your life!

With Love,