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Cake Designs


Photo by Chandra’s Collection Photography.

Cakes come in all different flavors and sizes, and choosing a cake design can be difficult.┬áThis week’s blog is fun and simple! We wanted to share a few cake designs from past weddings and styled shoots to spark some inspiration for those brides who are still working on the final touches of their wedding.

Simple & Elegant

Photo by Kayla Snell Photography.

A simple, tall, white cake topped with a few flowers is beautiful and elegant for any wedding. This is a classic look, and the layers can be all different flavors… yum!

Dripping Cake

Photo by Lyndsay Lyon Photography.

Dripping cakes are trending, and we love it! This modern cake is edgy and fun, with bright colors and beautiful flowers to top it off.

Floral Statement

Photo by Dawn Elizabeth Studios.

One of our favorites! Talk to your florist about doing a fun, artistic floral arrangement on your cake for a creative statement piece. The simplicity of the white, layered cake really makes the flowers pop!

Creative Art

Photo by Jessica Chole Photography.

This design is a show-stopper. For the brides who want to stand out, and like more modern touches, a layered, marble cake with metallic trim might be the one for you! This cake is definitely one that will never be forgotten.

Multiple Cakes

Photo by Nikk Nguyen Photography.

Can’t decide on a flavor or design for your wedding cake? That’s okay, you can have more than one! This example proves you can have completely different cakes, with different designs, and get the best of both worlds.

Ombre Cake Design

Photo by Allison Jeffers Photography.

How beautiful is this blush pink ombre cake? We are in love with its simplicity and softness. This cake design is creative and looks like it was made effortlessly.

Hopefully you were inspired by some of our cake design suggestions! We always enjoy sharing our favorite ideas. For more help, check out our blog about how long to hire your photographer!





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