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An Etiquette Guide to Social Media at Weddings


Photo by Brandi Allyse Photography

Whether you’re sticking to tradition, or throwing out all the rules, etiquette is an important part of wedding planning. Since weddings are so personal, you can choose to keep elements that are important to you and quietly let go of those that aren’t. However, this can sometimes make it hard for guests to know what is acceptable to you.

Photo by Steph Lea Photography

For example, nowadays we all spend so much time on social media sharing, snapping, liking, and commenting that it is easy to assume we can carry on doing exactly the things same when we are at weddings. Social media may be a way of life, but it has also become the biggest wedding crasher of the last half-decade!

How do you feel about walking down the isle to see all of your friends watching you through their smartphone screens? What would you think about your speeches or first dance being shared on Facebook, or photos of you hitting Instagram or Twitter before you have even said your vows? Thanks to all things social, wedding etiquette needs a modern-day update. So, with that in mind, here is our guide to the dos and don’ts of social media at weddings.

DO let your guests know where you stand.  If you have a strong opinion about social media, whether you’re all for it, or against it, you need to let your guests know. If you decide against social media, then a polite sign at your wedding venue or letting your wedding party discreetly spread the word are a couple ways to let your views be known. Another way to spread the word efficiently is to include it in the attire and directions insert of your invitation.

DON’T carry your phone with you on the day unless you really need to. Your wedding day will seem to pass in a flash, so live in the moment, dance, drink, eat, and be merry (or, married, I should say). 😉

Photo by Chandra’s Collection Photography

DO create a personalized hashtag. This encourages your guests to take as many pictures as they wish and will also make it easier for you to find their photos after your wedding. HOWEVER…only create a wedding hashtag if you are portraying a social media friendly environment. The last thing you want is someone sticking their phone out in the middle of the aisle and ruining your photographer’s shot.

DON’T let your guests photograph your ceremony. Whether you are encouraging social media at your wedding or not, it can be extremely frustrating for you and your photographers to end up with unwanted flashes. This can potentially ruin your official, paid-for photographs. Having the officiant ask people to put away their smartphones and cameras during the ceremony will relieve any potential issues.

DON’T replace thank-you cards with a status update. Thanking everyone for coming and sharing a few snippets of your day is absolutely fine, if not encouraged. However, don’t let that take the place of personal thank-you cards to the people who came, brought gifts, and celebrated with you!

DO consider live streaming your day, especially if you have friends or family that cant be with you. This will give them the opportunity to digitally celebrate with you!

Photo by Brandi Allyse Photography

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