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The Wedding Cake Alternative


So, let’s be real…Wedding Cakes are beautiful and even taste great sometimes, but there are so many other fun sweet-treats to splurge! Just think of all of your favorite desserts and breakfast favorites. Check out some of my favorite, quirky wedding cake alternatives below!

Photo by Heidi Rae Husmann

Favorite Desserts

When you think about of the best dessert you’ve ever eaten, what comes to mind? A delicious pecan pie? Piping-hot Turtle Brownies with a side of vanilla bean ice cream? A great wedding cake alternative is to incorporate your favorite desserts!

Photo by Erica Sofet

Ask For Family Recipes

Ask your family members to create a dessert bar with all of their favorite recipes. With your family’s help, you will be able to create a delightful recipe book to share with your new husband.

Photo by Heidi Rae Husmann

Breakfast Food

Are you a fan of breakfast? Try three gooey tiers of cream-cheese frosted cinnamon rolls or a tower of luscious donuts to satisfy your sweet tooth. Your guests will love these luscious rolls for a late-night snack!

Photo by Whitewood Photography

Try Something New!

Another wedding cake alternative is to shock everyone with a dessert they have never heard of before! Are you a fan of traveling? Many countries have unique desserts that most people have never even tried. Think of every trip you’ve ever taken. If there are any unique recipes you tasted, consider sharing them with your guests. One example: light crepes with fruit fillings! Stack them in layers to create a new twist on the layered cake.

Photo by Heidi Rae Husmann

Finger Foods With Wine!

Lastly, towers of gourmet cheeses, berries, and figs pair perfectly with a smooth Cabernet and Pinot Grigio. What more could a wine connoisseur want?!

I hope these ideas have opened up your imagination to new possibilities for your wedding or special event. Take the plunge, be daring, and create a new twist on a favorite. For more wedding inspiration, check out our blog about 5 Budget Friendly Wedding Tips!




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