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Three Ways to Reduce Wedding Stress


Let’s be real. Weddings are super stressful! Can I get an AMEN? You are spending money left and right. Your fiance wants to invite 1000 people to your “small” Hill Country Wedding. Your favorite color is pink and your fiance just will NOT have it anywhere in sight. This list goes on and on. Follow along for three ways to reduce wedding stress.

Now think back to that moment when your partner popped the question? What were you thinking about? It was probably some romantic scene at your wedding or a life-time of happiness. I can almost guarantee you that it wasn’t a year of stressful conversations. So here comes my advice for reducing wedding stress. We meet with tons of brides every year and have cumulated a list of stressors we commonly hear about.

He popped the question and now it is time to start planning your wedding. Reduce your wedding stress and call Touch of Whimsy today. Photography by Erica Sofet Photography

1. Our guest list is too long!

My hand is in the air on this one! My husband and debated back in forth on our guest count. He comes from a town where it is common to have 1000 people at your wedding (I can’t even think of 1000 people! lol) and I wanted 30 people on a beach. You can imagine that there would be some stress here. My recommendation is to come up with some guidelines to my clear cuts off your list. For example, if you (or your mother lol) have not spoken to this person __ number of years — cut. If they are a college friend that only comes around when they need you to buy something or follow their blog or whatever the case maybe — cut. You can come up with these rules on your own. Think about the people that most important to you! Who would you missing on your wedding day? Remember more people = more $$$ (that’s stressor number 2)

2. We are spending too much money!

Ok. For real though…cut down your wedding list. Each person invited means more money spent. Second, be realistic with what you really need. Do you need 7 appetizers and waiters passing wine? Can your guests walk their cute Gianni Bini’s over to the bar to get their own drink? Second, hire a wedding planning! I know it sounds like I am asking you to spend more money, but in reality we can save you 5-10% with most of your vendors. Our job is to build great relationships with AMAZING vendors. As a company, we always pass along our discounts to the client. Be sure to ask your potential wedding planners if they do the same! This is often a good sign on the quality of their services. If the planner has your best interest in mind, then they are going to protect you throughout your engagement. Check out our blog on Big Fake Wedding for more tips to cut your spending and reduce wedding stress.

3. What if it rains???? Have a Plan B in mind!

You are dreaming for 75 and sunny…if you are getting married in August in Texas….good luck, lol. But seriously! When picking out your venue be thinking of the worst case scenario for weather. Are you excited about that plan? If not, you need to reconsider your venue choice. The last thing you want is to be freaking out the week of your wedding because it is going to sleet and your venue does not have a covered ceremony option. Are you ok with flipping the reception space from ceremony to reception? Better yet…do you need to pay your vendors for extra time or labor in order to flip the space? These are all questions that your planner can help you navigate. Hope for the best and plan for the worst and you will reduce that wedding stress and be content with your wedding vision.

I hope this was helpful! The best way to reduce wedding stress to is hire a planner. Hands down! Find a trained professional that you can trust to guide you along the process and hand all of the nitty-gritty details. It won’t take away from the experience or keep you from being hands-on. In fact, it will quite the opposite. It will allow you to focus on the elements that are most important to you, including your sweet fiance! If you need help please reach out to one of our coordinators here! We’d love to connect with you and learn more about your vision.


With Love,


Founder | Lead Consultant




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